Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Seasons of Change

Drew "graduated" from kindergarten last week.   I can't believe that he will be in the first grade next year. I can't believe he's going to be 7 in one month!  Where has the time gone?

Going to his little graduation has made me think about life and the changes that we all go through in life.  Nothing stays the same.  Life is change and for someone like me who isn't the biggest fan of change, it can be very frightening.  I'm learning to try to look forward to change and all the positive things that can come with it. 

I've recently discovered The Single Woman blogger and I really enjoy her posts!  She has such an amazing outlook on life and she is so positive.  I'm loving following her blogs and her tweets.  I think so much of what she has to say not only applies to a single woman, put to people in general.  She talks about how people come into and out of your life, but that everyone that does enter your life, has a purpose.  Even if they leave, you are strengthened from the time you spent with them.  It is even possible to take hurtful and negative experiences and use those to strengthen you.  I love that positve attitude and perspective.

I want everything in my life to stay the same...the same friendships, the same job, the same routine. In other words, I want things to stay safe.  However, that isn't how life works.  People come into and out of your life, friendships change, children grow and relationships end.  That doesn't mean something is over.  It just means that something different is around the corner.  Embrace the excitment and the new chapter.  You never know what is going to happen.

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