Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Adventures of a Single Mom

I had the opportunity to go to Burlington, VT and then to Boston & Cape Cod.  The Boston & Cape Cod part of the trip was my vacation and I hung out with my friend, Shelley.  She is originally from Cape Cod; thus she knows all the cool places to go & see.

I'm sharing a few pics!  Enjoy!

Shelley and I with some real live Boston Firefighters.  The guy in the red shirt had the BEST Boston accent.  I loved listening to him talk.

 Entering the historic section of Boston.  I loved it!'s GREEN!!!!  I had forgotten what that looked like! :-)

ChinaTown!  Very cool

Paul Revere's House. 

Some of my CASE buddies!  That was the best conference and I had a blast meeting all of them.