Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Long Time No Post...

Hi everyone!  Sorry for the massive delay in posting.  Life is going WAY TOO FAST!!! 

Drew started 2nd grade and so far it's going great! He loves his teacher and he is such a social butterfly, (just like his momma) and he's already made several new friends. 

There is a new Dyslexia teacher at his school and she is amazing.  I think things are going to turn around big time for Drew this year and I'm so excited! 

This summer, we had a very special visitor.  Hanne came to spend 10 days with us and we had a blast.  Hanne is a very dear lady to me and it was great having her here.  She lives in Norway, but was an exchange student here in Georgetown many years ago.  While here, she attended Grace Episcopal Church (where Drew and I go) and I had the honor of being one of her EYC leaders (along with Marty Caskey who ROCKS!).  We hadn't seen Hanne in 5 years, so we had a blast visiting with her.

 Drew and Hanne, her first night here.  

Marty, Hanne and I!  Love these girls!

Drew, Hanne and I at Salt Lick her last night here.

Needless to say, we had a BLAST! Drew told her that she HAD to come back next summer. :-)

In other news, Drew has a "baby brother."  No, I didn't adopt another child. :-)  My friend Mindy had her little boy July 31st and Drew has appointed himself as Kyler's big brother.  It's very cute and Drew talks about him all the time.  Of course, he has a birth baby sister, so Drew thinks Kyler has a big sister in Nevaeh!  It's very cute.  My son has the biggest heart ever and I'm so proud of him!

Drew saw Kyler and on Sunday and I'll have pictures soon!  

More later!!