Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random musings of a Single Mom

Drew has lost his two front teeth!!!!!
He's SUCH a cutie!!!

I went to sign Drew up for Spring baseball last night.
Drew: Ahhh.....back to my baseball fields.  I love this place!
(remember, he only started playing in the fall!! :-) Love that kid!)
Drew: Momma, I know how to fix the tire.
Me: How?
Drew: Just pull the nail and put duct tape on it.
(I wonder if he's been watching Mythbusters?)

Me: Drew, you need to clean your playroom.
Drew: Will you help me?
Me: We will see.
Drew: But Momma, I've been helping you with the vacuuming. It's only right that you help me with the playroom.
(insert rolling my eyes here!)

Drew: Momma, I want the Texas Tech sock monkey.  I've ALWAYS wanted one on those.
Me: Seriously?  I've never heard you talk about that.
Drew: Momma, I don't tell you everything I want, just most of the stuff I want.

Me: Drew, we need to practice your spelling words.
Drew: Spelling is stupid.
Me: It's not stupid. It's an important skill that we need.
Drew: Momma, I don't need to spell, that's why I have computers.  They tell me everything.
(Again, think I'm in trouble!)

Drew is all excited about playing baseball again.  I'm thrilled that he's loving it!  Of course, everyone tells me that Spring baseball is way more intense than Fall baseball, so I guess I'll be living at the baseball fields.  I think I need to invest in one of those cushion seats with the back. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Welcome to 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!  I can't believe it's 2012.  Time sure is flying by.

I have several Drewisms to share with you...enjoy!

Me: You like teasing me, Drew.
Drew: Yep, that's my job!

Drew: Momma, get ready to see something AWESOME!
(Why does that scare me?)

Drew: Momma, you know what, if I were president, my name could be JellyButter.
(Ok, sounds good to me.)

Drew: Momma, I'm going to play my guitar.  Prepare to ROCK OUT!
(Oh boy, that means he's going to play LOUD!)

Drew: You know what I love doing, momma?
Me: No, what do you love doing?
Drew: I love kissing my biceps!  I'm the bicep man!  Look at me!!!

Drew: Momma, what's 6 +3?
Me: Drew, you know the answer to that!
Drew: Yeah, but I don't feel like doing math right now, so I want you to tell me what it is.
(Oh boy!)

Drew: Momma, guess what, I'm a superhero!
Me: You are?  What superhero are you?
Drew: I'm Drew-Man!
Me: Wow, that sounds great!
Drew: And guess what, you're going to be my sidekick. I'm sorry to say that you're not going to be an awesome sidekick, you're just going to be a mommy sidekick.
Me: Why isn't a mommy sidekick an awesome sidekick?
Drew: Well, you just do mommy stuff....fix dinner, help me with homework, get on to me for not doing know, mom stuff.
(This still cracks me up!  I personally think Momma sidekicks are AWESOME!)

Drew: Momma, you need to learn to listen to me. I'm always right.

Me: Drew, we need to work on your homework project.
Drew: Ok, can you explain it to me again?
Me: Sure. You need to write a paragraph explaining a holiday tradition that we have.  Do you know what you want to write about?
Drew: Yes, going to my cousins.
Me: Ok, so let's start working.
He writes a sentence.
Drew: Ok, I'm done.
Me: No you're not. You have to write a paragraph. So, you need to write a few more sentences.
Drew: No, I don't think that's what I'm supposed to do. I think I just need to write a sentence.
Me: Drew, I'm reading the instructions right here.
Drew: Are you sure you're reading them correctly, Momma?? I know you get mixed up sometimes.
At this point, I'm thinking that Drew is going to be either a politician or an attorney when he grows up.  I'm also thinking that there probably isn't going to be enough alcohol or tranquilizers to survive his teenage years. I mean, he's only 7 right now! :-)

We were working on his spelling words last night and one of his words was "woke."
Me: Woke
Drew: Uhm??  What does that mean?
Me: Here it is in a sentence, "The alarm woke me up."
Drew: That's not a real word, at least in my world it isn't.

Drew was walking by one of our Christmas decorations and noticed that the Santa had fallen...
Drew: Santa is down. I repeat, Santa is DOWN!

We made cookies before Christmas and I have a set of nativity cookie cutters that we used.  One of cutters is of a baby Jesus.
Drew: Momma, can I have a cookie?
Me: Sure, which one do you want?
Drew: I would like a cow and a baby Jesus.
Me: Ok, here you go.
Drew: MMMMmmm, baby Jesus sure does taste good.
(There is just something wrong with that statement.) :-)