Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Striving for independence!

Drew has really started showing his independence lately. One the one hand, I'm thrilled! I love watching him grow and develop. It is such an amazing experience and I find that I'm learning right along with him. On the other hand, it is sad. My little boy is growing up!!! I remember the first time I held him and he was so tiny. I can't believe that's been over 6 years ago.

Another downside/challenge in Drew's quest for independence is his constant need to question me and everything I say. In fact, last night, I told Drew that X was going to happen and that he just needed to trust me. He said, "So, I'm just supposed to believe everything you say??"

I was stunned. It got me thinking, how the heck do I respond to that. I don't want him to blindly trust anyone and everyone. I want him to find his own way and discover his own viewpoints/beliefs. I know there are people in the world that I don't want Drew listening to, much less trusting. What do I do?? How do I explain all this to a 6 year old??

Sometimes, I feel so way out of my league as a parent. I think I'm making it up as I go along.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The cycle of Life...

It's been an interesting week at my house. Drew came home, I took off work and then I had to go back to work and Drew went back to his dad's house (we're back on the routine). We were also gearing up for another year of school....kindergarten take #2! I feel that this is going to be an awesome year for Drew. His teacher asked if he was going to be a leader in her class to help the other kids and he said, "yes!" He's looking forward to helping the others out and having Mrs. D. again. She is wonderful and I'm so thankful that he got her again.

Things were going great and looking up and then reality shows up to bite me in the rear. My little pug, Liberty died on Saturday. Actually, I had to have her put down, but I'm not explaining that to a 6 year old. So, Dan and I told Drew that Liberty died at the vet, and that's the truth, she did. Since Drew was with his daddy, I told him on Sunday that she died. I was dreading that conversation. We cried and we talked about Liberty, but I know that he will come to terms with it and that it's a part of life. Of course, this morning, Drew looked at me and said, "Mom, let's not tell my friends at school about Liberty dieing, I don't want to make them sad." I had to work really hard at not crying at that one. Drew is such a compassionate little soul. I am so honored to be his mommy.

That's it for this one.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Going back to work...to relax!

Well, I've had a wonderful 3 days off work to hang out with the Drew-man. We swam, played, played, and played some more. We also had one day that I had my triplets, so that was fun. (The triplets consist of Drew and 6 year old twin girls.....they look like triplets!)

One day, Drew and I were hanging out playing and a commercial came on for a dating site like e-harmony and Drew (without missing a beat....) looks at me and says, "Mom, you're too old to date." I looked at him and then just cracked up. I haven't even mentioned anything about dating to him and I have NO idea where that came from.

I don't think I'm too old to date! :-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

out of the mouths of kiddos....

I think I've mentioned it, but I've been doing some "home projects" around the house (and it's not just the cleaning projects, I've been fixing things...). Well, one of the projects I did was remove a broken ceiling fan from my bedroom and reinstalled the original light fixture. Drew was home that weekend and he was helping me out with it. He picked up a screwdriver and started "working" on a part that was on the floor. Then he looked at me and said, "Mom, I just loving screwing."

I about fell off the ladder.

Someday, I'll be able to really embarrass him with this one.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Random musings...

There are a few blogs that I following regularly (ok, maybe obsessive is a better word). The first one is by a single mom of 6, Mom2my6pack. She is hysterical!! She also has a book out and I keep thinking, if I send my copy to her, would she sign it for me?? Anyway, she has now gotten me hooked on this other blogger, Spuds, and he's a single dad of 6. (BTW, they are friends!) I've been reading stuff from both of them and it really makes me feel like I can do this. I mean, I only have 1 kid, they have 6, EACH!!! Anyway...check them out...like I said, you'll laugh so hard you'll cry!

My other favorite blogger is my buddy, Mindy. She is the one that did my awesome banner for me and she has watched Drew on several occasions. She also takes great pictures...she's done pictures for me last year and I'm going to have her do some again later this year.

Just thought I would share!!
God Bless!

Friday, August 6, 2010


I now have an awesome banner...thanks to my buddy, Mindy Brownlee!!! Thank you SO much!! I think it is awesome!! By the way, Mindy took all the pictures that are in the banner. She is a great photographer!! Hugs & Love ya!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

9 days and counting...

Drew is going to be home next Saturday....9 days and counting! I am so ready for that little guy to be home, but I'm also thrilled that he's had such a great time with his daddy. I can't believe that he'll be back in kindergarten in about two weeks...where has the summer gone??

I have used the time to accomplish some major projects around the house...and I'm still not done. I've been going through closets, cabinets, etc. cleaning out stuff and getting rid of a ton of stuff. You know, it is embarrassing all the crap that I've accumulated over the years. Of course, some stuff is easier to donate than other stuff. My dad recently gave me a couple of trash bags full of some of my mom's stuff and I've been avoiding working on the closet that stuff is in. I don't want to get rid of it, because it was my mom's, but on the other hand, it's not doing anyone any good sitting at the bottom of my closet. I know my mom would want someone to get some good use out of it. I know the right opportunity will come up for that one.

That's it for this one. God Bless you all!!!