Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Drew-ism's & Baseball

Instead of a Soccer mom, I'm now a Baseball mom!

During Drew's first practice, he made a hysterical comment to me.  That got me to thinking that it's been a while since I wrote a blog post on Drew-ism's.  Well, here you go...

Me: Drew, you're doing really good!
Drew: I know I am!!
(As I said on Facebook, he doesn't lack confidence!)

During the last game, I MISTAKENLY thought I was helping by trying to give Drew advice.  Two of the coaches told me to not coach anymore! :-)  Then, Drew had to add his own opinion...

Drew: Momma, you need to keep your coaching to yourself.
(That stings!)  LOL

Drew: Momma, why don't we have a goat?
Me: We don't have any room for a goat.
Drew: Sure we do, we can put it in the garage.
(He wants a zoo!)

Me: Drew, how is school going?
Drew: It's good.
Me: Is that all...what's happening, what are you learning?
Drew: School is fine.  I ROCK, I know everything!
(Rolling my head!)

My dad is visiting again!  Drew loves it because of several reasons...(in no particular order)
1) When Papa is here, Drew gets to ride the bus home.
2) Papa is an awesome truck that Drew loves!
3) Papa spoils us! He cooks and bakes and we have awesome food and desserts!!
   (I'm afraid I'm going to gain all the weight back...oh well, just have to work out a LOT more!!)
4) Papa ROCKS!!!!!


Monday, September 12, 2011

The continuing Adventures of the Single Mom...

Instead of Drew-ism's, I thought I would share some of the amazing adventures I've been having lately (can you detect the sarcasm here??).  I have this image in my head, it's of a conversation between God and my mom, let me share with you (you need to hear this because it sets up the story I'm going to share!)

They are standing next together and are looking down at me.  You would think they would have these amazing looks of love and pride on their would be wrong.  They are actually rolling their eyes at me!  Here is the conversation...

God: Paulette, I've told you and I'll keep telling you, please be patient.  I've got it all under control. What are we going to do with that girl, Charlotte?
Mom: Why are you looking at me, you made her!
God: Well you raised her!

At this point, they look at each and just grin!

I just replay this image because when things get going so crazy and I don't think I can handle anything more...something "more" happens and I'm left standing there thinking "uhm...ok!"  But here's the deal, God always takes care of it.  Whether it's a friend giving me a hug, another friend calling me, or my dad buying me a new fridge (because apparently he didn't want his baby girl buying a perfectly good used one that I could afford, oh no, he has to buy me a new one. I've learned to just shut up and go along with it!), everything does work out.

Side Note#1: Yes, my fridge is going out!!!  I think I need to start staying away from all things electrical! :-) At least, that is what one friend told me. But, like I mentioned above, dad is determined to buy me one and I'm going to accept it. Don't say No to a free Fridge!

I've been so Blessed in my life.  I have some amazing friends here in Georgetown.  One friend in particular (and she knows who she is!), has stepped in time and time again to help me.  Either just by letting me vent, helping me with my car, helping me with Drew, or coming over and bringing me a bottle of wine when I get stood up TWICE in one weekend (yes, that really did happen to me!), she is ALWAYS there for me.

Side Note#2, Seriously, who in the world has been stood up TWICE in one weekend? I mean, seriously, once is bad, twice is, well I don't know what it is....  In addition to the car idols, did I tick off a dating idol in my past?? Oh well, it makes for some great blogging! :-)

I have a son that is a gift from God! Just seeing him smile and laugh makes me feel better. He has such a caring and compassionate heart and it's a joy watching him grow and develop.  Being a mother is the biggest Blessing in my life and I thank God for it each and every day.

I have a church family that continually shows how much they care.  My church family has given me their boys' clothes for Drew, assisted me with getting him in baseball and all the gear that requires, and they pray for both Drew and I!  They are there with hugs and encouraging words for me and for Drew!!

My family! My family has stood by me, supported me and loved me, no matter what. I have a brother who has always had my back.  Thanks to him, I have a sister that I've always wanted and not only is she a sister, but she is my friend as well.  I have two beautiful nephews that I just adore and watching them play and interact with Drew is amazing. I have a TON of cousins and I mean a ton!  They are AWESOME!!  I have a dad, who although I tease and pick on, he is there for me when I need him.  He might not talk much (I get that from my mom!), but he does the best he can and he never hesitates in telling me he loves me.

So, on days where all I want to do is sit and cry, I do exactly that, sit a cry, for a time! Then, I take a deep breath, square my shoulders and start walking forward again.  I have times when I need to remind myself of all that I have in my life and that things good be worse.  So, I just keep plugging the energizer bunny or Dory, "keep on swimming, keep on swimming!"