Monday, November 8, 2010


I've discovered something about myself, the moment I get money, I think I need to spend it right then!!! I'm not really good with this whole budget thing. Dave Ramsey would kick my butt! Maybe that is what I need. ;-) I read an article and the author mentioned that when she finally got some money, she realized that she spent half of it in less than an hour. Why is it that I do so well at the end of the month when I'm broke, but at the first of the month, I think I have to get everything right then and there??

As I've been thinking of budgeting and Dave Ramsey, I started to think of one of his phrases, "why keep up with the Jones', they are broke!" I have such a thing about worrying what people think of me/my house/etc, that I can literally make myself sick about it. WHY DO I DO THIS???? What random people think isn't going to impact my life in anyway what-so-ever!

My son is healthy, I have a roof over our heads, we are fortunate to have two dogs that we love and that provide us with amusement. Also, I can take my child to the dr when he needs to go and I can get him the medicine he needs if/when he needs it.

I have amazing friends who are helping me take care of things around my house and pitching in and watching Drew for me when I need it.

I need to stop thinking/worrying about the things I don't have and count the blessing for all that I do have!!!