Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Home makeover

I have slowly been working on my house for the past two years.  My friends, Mindy and Brenda came over on Monday and we did a LOT of work on my house.  I am trying to take advantage of my time off and to keep busy while Drew is in Montant (BTW, his adventure there is going to be another blog post!).

I had already done a couple of things.  Also, thanks to some great friends, I got an amazing deal on a couple pieces of new furntiture.  I got a new entertainment center/tv/armoire for my house.  The entertainment center is what I have always wanted....I can close it up and hide the electronics.

Isn't it AWESOME!!!!!

I moved my old entertainment center to Drew's playroom and I also moved the Wii into that room.  That way, he can play anytime he wants to.

Well, on Monday, Mindy, Brenda and I CLEANED, organized and arranged.  Here are some pics....

Drew's room...before

Drew's room after!

My living room.....I LOVE this wall...thanks, Mindy.

My other favorite cross wall!

Here is the armoire that my friend gave me.  I LOVE IT!!!

Well, that's the update for now.  It feels great getting all of this accomplished!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas.  It is such an awesome and amazing day, although, this year, it does feel a little different. 

Drew is in Montana with his daddy and he left yesterday morning.  We had our Christmas early and we've had a blast at my brother's house with the family.  I know Drew is having a blast in Montana with all his cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles and all the SNOW!! 

Yesterday, I couldn't stop thinking about how this was going to be my first Christmas without Drew.  I know it's not going to be the last and honestly, I know it is a day that we can celebrate anytime, but it is still different.  My family (my brother, sis-in-law, nephews, dad, and two aunts) started taking pictures last night before we went to church.  I didn't feel right about getting in the family picture since Drew wasn't here.  I know I'm going to be seeing him in 14 days, but I still didn't want to get in that picture.  I know that was probably crazy and I know I will probably change my mind in the future, but yesterday, it just didn't feel right to me.

Last night as I was trying to go to sleep, it dawned on me how fortunate I am.  Drew is not oversees, he isn't in harms way defending our freedom, he is simply with his daddy and his cousins.  I thought about all the mom's whose children are serving our country, serving on a mission trip or even those who have children already in heaven.  I thought, how do they deal with Christmas?  In fact, how do they handle day to day life?  It made me realize that I was feeling sorry for myself and I was forgetting all that I had to be thankful for.

So, to all of you , I'm wishing you a very Blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Drew is going to be going to Montana with his dad for Christmas and this will be the first Christmas that he isn't with me. I feel like I have a split personality when it comes to this. On the one hand, I'm thrilled that Drew is having this opportunity. My former mother-in-law, is not doing well and I am thankful that she will be able to spend Christmas with Drew and that Drew will get to see her and the rest of the Butterworth clan. Drew wouldn't be in my life if it wasn't for her and her husband.

She has always treated me like a daughter and I love her dearly.

On the other hand, this is the reality of being divorced. You split holidays. I know it is really just a day and you can celebrate it when you want to/are able to, but still, it's the first holiday that Drew will be away from me. I know it won't be the last, but still.......

Friday, December 3, 2010

New Banner...

My friend, Mindy created this for me to use as my Christmas Card this year. I just LOVE it!!!! I decided I would make it my banner for the blog. She also took the pictures. I keep telling her that I'll be able to say that Drew and I were some of her first photo clients when she gets famous!!

Mindy has also been helping me "re-do" my house. Nothing fancy, but I've been rearranging pictures and getting rid of some excess stuff I have. It's amazing how changing a few things can really make a big impact on your house. I'll take pictures and post them. I'm SO excited to see things taking shape.