Thursday, May 19, 2011


I found out on Saturday that Drew's birth parents are expecting a baby.  Shassidy (Drew's birth mother) called me and I could tell that she had something exciting to tell me.  I'm so happy for them and I can't wait to meet the newest member of our family.

When we adopted Drew, we were not only were blessed with a new son, but with an entire family.  Shassidy's parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles welcomed us and made us feel a part of the family.  I've since been talking to Robby's mom as well.  It's a pretty amazing experience. They all wish me a Happy Mother's Day and Judy, (Shassidy's mom), refers to me as her daughter.  Drew thinks he's pretty special, with having a mom and a birth mom (not to mention a dad and a birth dad!), and I tend to agree with him...he is pretty special.

I am so Blessed to have my son and the family in my life!!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

PT Cruiser adventures

In 2008, I bought a 2007 PT Chrysler.  When I bought the car, I was excited.  It was cool!! 

Well, that excitement as turned into major frustration and an expensive headache!

In less than three years, I've had to replace the AC Compressor twice (technically three times, but the last time was due to the fact that the second compressor installed was faulty and basically came apart)!  I've also had to replace the cooling fan twice. On Saturday, the transmission went out.  I was simply driving the car and goes OUT! 

This isn't all that I've had to replace or fix either.  I mean seriously.  I've NEVER had a car that has had so many problems as this one.  If I had bought it new, I would so be filling a lemon claim on it. 

Drew's suggestion of fixing the car was to take a hammer to it.  I have to tell you, it was tempting to take his advice.

Thanks to some wonderful friends, I'm going to get the stupid (I tell Drew not to say stupid, so I better stop saying it as well!) crazy thing fixed. Once it's "driving," I'm going to try to trade it in.  I still owe on it and I have no idea what will happen, but you never know until you try. 

Anyway, my new motto:
"Just say NO to Chrysler!"


Thursday, May 5, 2011


It's been a while since I've posted Drew-isms, so I thought I would brighten your day with another dose for your reading enjoyment.  Here we go....

Karen: Drew, isn't your momma pretty.
Drew: Nope, she isn't pretty.  She's HOT!
(Me:  oh boy!  I'm in trouble!)

Me: Drew, I need you to listen to me!
Drew: Momma, I don't have my listening ears on right now.

Drew: Momma, I'm HUNGRY!!
Me: Drew, we're going to eat dinner in about 5 minutes.
Drew: Momma, I can't wwwwaaaaaiiiiiiitttttttt!!!!!!
Me: Of course you can wait, you're not going to starve in 5 minutes.
Drew: YES I am!  I'm going to starve and die in 2 minutes unless I have some food RIGHT now! I NEED food!!!
Me: Well, if you're going to starve and die in 2 minutes unless you eat, you could have a banana.
Drew: No, I don't need a banana, I NNNEEEDDDDD my candy.  I'm going to starve and die without my candy.
Me: Sorry, you're not having candy right before dinner.
Drew: You just want me to starve and die!
Me: No, I don't want you to starve and die, but you're not having candy before dinner.
Drew: You're a mean mommy.
Me: Thank you!
(Drew walks away at this point not sure how to respond to that one!)

(I've been TRYING to teach Drew the value of chores and getting "paid" for those chores.  It's been an experience. He wanted to buy a watch at WalMart, but he "left" his money at home.  I told him that I would pay for it, but then he would have to pay me back and he agreed. He did pay me back but a few days later, he tried to tell me he deserved the money back.  Here is that conversation.)

Drew: Momma, I've been thinking.
Me: Oh boy, what have you been thinking about.
Drew: Well, you told me that I had to do chores in order to earn money for the watch that I bought. I paid you back, but I would like to have that money back now.
Me: Oh really, why is that?
Drew: I don't like the watch any more.
Me: Sorry buddy, but you threw away the receipt and we've opened the watch.  Plus, you've been wearing the watch and you can't take it back now.
Drew: I WANT my money back, please, momma, give me my money back.
Me: You can earn the money when you do your chores.
Drew: Wait, I've done my chores, remember, I cleaned my room up all by myself.
Me: Drew, that was last month and I've already given you your commission (by the way, that is a Dave Ramsey thing!) for that.
Drew: But it should still count!  I cleaned my room.
Me: You'll have to clean it again.
Drew: You mean to tell me that I've got to clean my room AGAIN, ALL by myself to earn my commission AGAIN?  Is this something I've got to do regularly to earn my commission??
Me: Yep!
Drew: Well, that stinks.

I had to turn away at that because it was pretty funny!!

Hope you enjoyed!!