Friday, February 25, 2011


I was having lunch with two of my amazing friends today and they mentioned that I needed to start writing down all these witty sayings Drew comes up with.  He totally cracks me up...and everyone else.  So, for your entertainment pleasure, this is the first ever "Drew-isms Post."

Drew: Momma, you need to buy me a motorcycle to teach me "sponsibity." 
Momma: Drew, I will teach you "responsibility" without getting you a motorcycle.
(This is a reoccurring theme in our house...he wants a motorcycle bad!)

Mindy: Drew, what are we going to get your momma for her birthday?
Drew: Oh I know, she would love a motorcycle with big wheels.
Mindy: I don't think she wants a motorcycle
Drew: Well, then how about a 4-wheeler.  I KNOW she wants one of those!
(See, he is really trying to get that motorcycle)

(For the following conversation, I'm going to be paraphrasing it, I can't remember the story exactly, sorry Mindy).
Drew: Guess what, Mindy
Mindy: What Drew???
Drew: I have a girlfriend.
Mindy: Really, what is her name?
Drew: Madison
Mindy: Is she pretty?
Drew: No, she's HOT!

There are some more amazing conversations and I will enrich your life by sharing!!

Take care!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crazy weather

It's been an interesting time at my house. A week ago Saturday, I woke up and the house was cold, I mean COLD!!!  So, I got out of bed and went to the thermostat, it showed 53.  Yep, something was wrong.  I turned it off and turned it back on a couple of times, to see if that would kick start something.  Yeah, no luck.  So, I then called the repair guys and BEGGED them to come out and look at it.  It was cold!

Of course Drew was having a blast with it.  He kept getting blankets and bringing them to the bed.  Pretty soon, you couldn't see the bed because we had so many blankets on it.  But he was having fun and I was staying warm, so it was a win-win situation.

The repair dude shows up at 2 and he's gone by 2:30.  HEAT!!  Yeah, it was great.  Just don't ask me how much it was...I'm still living in a sea of denial about that one.

Another cold spell came through but I wasn't worried.  Nothing has ever happened.  I go home, expecting to do some laundry and yep, no water.  I KNOW I paid the bill. So, I start calling people trying to figure out what is going on and it dawns on me, my pipes are frozen.  Oh joy.  Again, Drew thought this was awesome.  He was having a blast with it and I was trying really hard not to break down like an idiot in front of him.  (Thankfully, I have some awesome friends who I broke down to and then I was fine in front of Drew.) 

I called my boss and told her that I would be late, really late, because I needed to stay around the house due to the frozen pipes.  She was awesome!  On Thursday at about 1:00, I heard the amazing sound of running water.  I then went and looked at the main water valve and it doesn't look like any pipes busted, SO.....that is AWESOME!!!!!

Anyway, I ended up getting to work at about 2!  But Drew had some awesome stories to tell his friends.

Peace out!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have moments in my life where I'm just terrified and here's the kicker....I'm not exactly sure what I'm terrified of.  I know, that makes no sense what-so-ever....welcome to my world.  My friends have a running joke about me, "if I'm not worrying about something, I'm worrying that I forgot something." Sadly, that isn't too far from the truth.

I have been working on that.  Trying very hard not to let fear control me.  However, that is a comfortable habit of mine and those comfortable habits are hard to break.  There are some bloggers that I greatly admire and respect and I'm learning a lot from them.  I'm trying to take the lessons I'm learning from them and apply them to my life.  I'm trying to break out of this shell of fear.  Dammit, that's hard!  That fear is my security blanket.

Being a parent and knowing that I'm one of my little guy's primary role models has really made me step back and take a long hard look at my actions.  I find that he will apologize for something that he had no control of at all and I tell him that there are some things you just can't help and you don't need to apologize for.  That being said, I know exactly where he gets that from...watching ME!  That is a sobering thought and a good kick in the rear! I don't want him to learn that lesson from me. 

Ok, enough of the deep thinking for the's giving me a headache!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

My soccer player!

Drew shared with me that he wants to play soccer again.  I'm really excited!  He really loved playing and he's a pretty good player, if I do say so myself!!

So, come next month, we will be back out at the soccer fields.

Thanks again Mindy for the AWESOME pics!! You're the best!!