Friday, February 25, 2011


I was having lunch with two of my amazing friends today and they mentioned that I needed to start writing down all these witty sayings Drew comes up with.  He totally cracks me up...and everyone else.  So, for your entertainment pleasure, this is the first ever "Drew-isms Post."

Drew: Momma, you need to buy me a motorcycle to teach me "sponsibity." 
Momma: Drew, I will teach you "responsibility" without getting you a motorcycle.
(This is a reoccurring theme in our house...he wants a motorcycle bad!)

Mindy: Drew, what are we going to get your momma for her birthday?
Drew: Oh I know, she would love a motorcycle with big wheels.
Mindy: I don't think she wants a motorcycle
Drew: Well, then how about a 4-wheeler.  I KNOW she wants one of those!
(See, he is really trying to get that motorcycle)

(For the following conversation, I'm going to be paraphrasing it, I can't remember the story exactly, sorry Mindy).
Drew: Guess what, Mindy
Mindy: What Drew???
Drew: I have a girlfriend.
Mindy: Really, what is her name?
Drew: Madison
Mindy: Is she pretty?
Drew: No, she's HOT!

There are some more amazing conversations and I will enrich your life by sharing!!

Take care!

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