Friday, April 19, 2013

Oh my gosh...It's APRIL!!!!

So, I realized I haven't posted in a REALLY long time, oopss...can I use the excuse that life has just gotten away from me??  Time sure does fly when you have an 8 year that is running you around all the time.  Between school, baseball, homework, etc, you blink and it's been two weeks.  It's crazy!  I have some pics to share and some Drewisms!  It's been way too long!

 Drew and I went skating with his Auntie Karen!  She spoils us rotten.

 So, baseball season was about to start and Drew decided his cleats needed to be cleaned.  Wish I could get him to work that hard on cleaning his room. :-p

The first several games were a little challenging for Drew.  He kept striking out.  However, I was very proud of him and he didn't give up.  He kept working at it.  Finally, he got a base run and then made it home on the next play!  Needless to say, he hasn't stuck out since.  Again, why can't I get him to be that motivated in cleaning his room??

Have I mentioned that his Auntie Karen spoils him (and me?) After one of his games, we had to stop by to take care of the puppies and Drew HAD to have a massage.  He loves that chair in her house. It's hard work being 8!

Drew has always loved Rocky (Auntie Karen's little pup!), but for some reason, he's always been really nervous around him.  I know - it's because Rocky is so big and mean! :-p  Anyway, Drew has finally gotten over that and now he's picking Rocky up and taking him for walks.  He loves taking care of that little boy.

Here are some Drew-isms to brighten your day....

(This is an oldie, but he mentioned it again...)
Drew: Momma, if Jesus rose from the dead, does that mean he's a zombie?
Don't think Fr Trey would appreciate that one! Promise, I'm teaching him that Jesus is NOT a zombie!!

Bed time routine...
Drew: Momma, I need to tell you something really important!
Me: Ok, what...
Drew: Uh....uh.....uh.....uhm...mmm.....
Me: I think you just don't want to go to bed.
Drew: NO, I have something really, really important to tell you...
Me: Ok, what???
Drew: mmmmmm.......................
Me: Drew, you have to go to bed!!
Drew: Oh, I remembered what it was!
Me: Ok, what???
Drew: I love you, you silly momma!
(That boy knows how to play me!)

Drew: Momma, did you know I'm a sexy boy?
Me: (choking on my water) WHAT???
Drew: Yep, it's true! I'm sexy and I know it!
(I am in SO much trouble!!!)

Sorry for the short post, but hey, at least I've posted again!!! 

Hopefully it wont be over 6 months until my next post.