Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Drew-ism's & Baseball

Instead of a Soccer mom, I'm now a Baseball mom!

During Drew's first practice, he made a hysterical comment to me.  That got me to thinking that it's been a while since I wrote a blog post on Drew-ism's.  Well, here you go...

Me: Drew, you're doing really good!
Drew: I know I am!!
(As I said on Facebook, he doesn't lack confidence!)

During the last game, I MISTAKENLY thought I was helping by trying to give Drew advice.  Two of the coaches told me to not coach anymore! :-)  Then, Drew had to add his own opinion...

Drew: Momma, you need to keep your coaching to yourself.
(That stings!)  LOL

Drew: Momma, why don't we have a goat?
Me: We don't have any room for a goat.
Drew: Sure we do, we can put it in the garage.
(He wants a zoo!)

Me: Drew, how is school going?
Drew: It's good.
Me: Is that all...what's happening, what are you learning?
Drew: School is fine.  I ROCK, I know everything!
(Rolling my head!)

My dad is visiting again!  Drew loves it because of several reasons...(in no particular order)
1) When Papa is here, Drew gets to ride the bus home.
2) Papa is an awesome truck that Drew loves!
3) Papa spoils us! He cooks and bakes and we have awesome food and desserts!!
   (I'm afraid I'm going to gain all the weight back...oh well, just have to work out a LOT more!!)
4) Papa ROCKS!!!!!


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