Friday, June 10, 2011


After Drew had his little graduation from kindergarten in May, we had a party at one of the other parent's house.  During the party, a few of the moms came up to me and asked why Drew was telling his friends that he was going to be a big brother.  Obviously, I'm not pregnant, nor am I probably ever going to be. I told them that it is because his birth parents are expecting a baby and he is super excited about it.  

Once you tell someone that, they usually have a ton of questions and I'm always more than happy to share our story.  Sharing the story got me to thinking about adoption (once again!) and what it means to me.  I am so incredibly blessed to be a mom and I thank God every day for Drew and his birth family.  They have allowed me the opportunity to live my greatest dream, to be a mom.  It is something that you can't "pay back" or ever earn.  It is a gift, a priceless gift.  

Adopt comes from the Latin word, adoptare, meaning to choose for oneself, from operate to chose. I think that says everything right there.  Motherhood didn't come to me the way it does for most women.  I used to think (and to be honest, a small part of me still does) that I was a failure for not being able to get pregnant and carry a child to term.  Why?  What did I do?  Why couldn't I do many other women do? I went through a lot of emotions...anger, sadness, I even tried to bribe God, but it didn't work.  

I know why, Drew was meant to be in my life.  Not only Drew, but the extended family that I adopted when I adopted Drew! 

On the way to tennis camp this morning, Drew was in the back seat and he started making up songs and singing them.  At one point, he started singing about having two mommies and two daddies.  He has his mommy mommy and his mommy Shassidy.  He has his daddy daddy and his daddy Robby.  I wanted to cry. I thought that was so sweet and it brings me so much peace. 

I have an amazing little kid and family!

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  1. You amaze me, Lady. Your Mom raised one _ _ _ _ of a daughter.
    Love you, Linda