Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It's been a while since I've entertained you with Drewisms, so here you go....

Drew: Momma, can I go play with Dillon
Me: No Drew, we're getting home too late to play tonight
Drew: But Momma, I haven't played with ANYONE today
Me: Drew, you spent 6 hours at camp playing with kids
Drew: That doesn't count, Momma
Me: Oh, why is that
Drew: At camp, I'm supposed to play with others, now I want to play with Dillion.  See. it's different
(I've said it before and I'll say it again, oh boy!)

Drew: Momma, can I drive a Monster Truck
Me: Not for a long time
Drew: Why?
Me: For one thing, you're not even going to be able to drive for another 10 years and for another, those things are big and dangerous
Drew: Uh, dangerous is nothing!  I can drive anything!
Me: Have you ever driven anything in your life?
Drew: No, but I KNOW I can do it!  I can do ANYTHING!!
(Yep, I'm in SO MUCH TROUBLE!!!)

Drew: Momma, what makes a car run?
Me: The engine
Drew: Momma, what makes the engine run?
Me: There are several parts that have to work together to make the engine run.
Drew: What are those parts?
Me: I'm not sure of all the names, but we can look it up.
Drew: Nahh...I was just testing you
Me: You were testing me? Why?
Drew: I wanted to see if I was smarter than you and I am!
Me: Oh really, how are you smarter than me?
Drew: Duhh....Silly momma, everyone knows that gas is what makes a car run
(That sound you heard was me banging my head against the door!)

That's it for this installment!  I'll be back with more later!  Trust me, with Drew, I have TONS of material!

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