Friday, January 7, 2011

Mindy...this is for you!

My buddy Mindy told me the other day that I have the longest "in-between posts" times.  So, I decided I would write a post especially for her.  This is the story of Drew's adventure to Montana....

Our story starts on Christmas Eve morning, at 3:15am early.  Drew's plane was scheduled to leave at 5:50am and his daddy wanted to meet us at the airport at 4:00am.  I had Drew sleep in the clothes he was going to wear so that he could sleep as long as possible.  My sis-in-law got me up at 3:15 because she was being the awesome person she was and taking us to the airport (which was a great think, DFW is a monster!!).  We get to the airport a little before 4 and there are more people than I thought there would be. 

Drew's dad shows up and then they go off to get their tickets and go through security.  So, I give my little guy a big hug and kiss and tell him to have tons of fun.

I knew that they should be landing in Montana around noon, so I called Dan's sister to check on them.  Their plane is circling the  Missoula airport because it is too foggy.  They circle for over an hour and then decide to land in Great Falls, MT.  Great Falls is about 3 hours away from Missoula.  The airline rents a bus and takes all the passengers to Missoula on this bus.

Drew thought it was a great adventure and he was having a blast, his dad, not so much!

They finally arrived at their destination at 7 pm that night....instead of the originally planned time of 1:30.  But, they made it safe and sound and that is all that matters!

That's it for now.  Drew is coming home tonight, so I hope his trip home is much smoother!

Take care,

PS-Mindy...are you happy!  Love you!

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