Monday, October 11, 2010


I have the greatest friends. I've been truly blessed with my friends and my family. My friend, Mindy, is watching my son today because he is out of school...Columbus Day. So, he's hanging out with her and her hubby, Jeff (Drew adores both of them!) Mindy snapped this picture of the boys and I just had to share...
Aren't they adorable! Thanks a ton, Mindy for helping me out! You guys ROCK and I love you dearly.

I've also been having some car issues. Well, the one shop I took it too told me it was going to be about $700 to fix everything...I don't have $700 laying around right now. Luckily, my buddy Karen talked to her hubby, Keith about it and he is sending me to another shop. Plus, he told me at this moment, don't stress about it. It's great having people who can help you out.

See, I have the greatest friends!!!!!

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