Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Challenge

Howdy! I've been working and working on getting my spending under control and I've been using E-mealz, to help with my menu planning. It is so easy/tempting to just grab something quick and easy after I pick up Drew. I mean, working all day, picking up Drew, taking him to soccer practice/&/or going home and doing all the things we need to do (sign his folder, read, work on homework...yes, my 6 year old has homework, take a bath, etc), fixing dinner is really the last thing I want to worry about.

Anyway, E-mealz has really been helping me. They give you a week's menu and also provide you a shopping list. Usually, my meal for two for the week costs me less than $50 and I'm LOVING that!! I keep thinking I'm the little engine, "I think I can, I think I can..." I just keep repeating that to myself over and over.

While that project is going on, I'm also attempting to work on some other projects, within myself. I'm working out and trying to just "get out there!" Not dating or anything, just expanding my life a little beyond mommyhood. The thing is, I'm SCARED to death about that! I think I would rather work on my budget.

Anyway, that being said, I read an article today that really made me stop and think. I've started following prodigaljohn on tweeter and his website is Stuff Christians Like. He has a really neat way of talking and explaining things. He posted an article titled, "Ignoring the Soundtrack" and it's all about how doubt comes in and attempts to be the sound track to your life. It's a neat way at looking at things. Also, I know that reading that was one of God's ways to say, "I KNOW you can!"

Take care!

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